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  • curso wingfoil privado 4
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  • curso wingfoil privado 3
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SEMIPrivate Course

The Semi-Private Course is the course for someone who plans to learn with a friend, family member or partner.

This course is a great option for those who have less physical condition and find that they need to rest throughout the course. It is the ideal formula to learn and have a great time in company.

With a teacher and a team for two, the course will be adapted as follows:

  • We will learn the basics and perfect the basic exercises together on the beach.
  • When it’s time to go to the water, everyone will have their turn and will have the same time to practice.
  • You would like to take the course accompanied by someone you trust.

  • You want to go at a slower pace, with more breaks.

  • You want a wingfoil course that is not too explicit, learn about the sport and try if you like it.

  • You want a pleasant, unhurried and relaxed course.

Prices are per person, (minimum of 2 people.)
If you come just contact us!

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North KB material ensures a safe experience and easy-to-use equipment

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We guarantee that your money will be amortized by squeezing every last minute of the day in the courses. If one day the wind is not enough, we will wait for another day when we can make the most of it.

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Qualified instructors with experience in teaching and in the world of kitesurfing and wingfoil will ensure that your experience is unbeatable



115 €


230 €


330 €


430 €

What does the course price include?

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Premium gear

icono seguro responsabilidad

RC and accident insurance

icono embarcacion 2dda483c

Rescue Boat

icono certificacion iko 3a679051

IKO y FAV Instructors.

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Student-Teacher Communication

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Private transport to the beach

What do people value most about Ozu School?

  • alumno profesor caminan por la playa

    Close relationship between student and teacher

  • transporte playa

    Comfort and ease of getting to the beach

  • instructores cualificados

    Qualified and experienced instructors

  • monitor alumno kitesurf

    Specific adaptation to your needs

  • zona chill out

    chill out area with cafeteria and Wi-Fi access


    • 10% discount in the Pro Shop
    • All gear included
    • Security boat
    • Close and professional treatment
    • Accident insurance
    You will not be charged anything yet

    What do our clients think?

    alexia perez
    Alexia Perez
    5 stars png transparent
    Octubre 2023
    “Excellent!!! There is no better kitesurfing school than Ozu. All the technicians are qualified and have plenty of experience. Juan, you are a crack at predicting the wind and balancing the hours!!! What a good treatment you give to everyone.. …how easy you do everything. Thank you Alberto for your patience and finally making Edu (12 years old) sail!!! If you travel with a motorhome the best option is to stay…
    Karl Martin Lind
    5 stars png transparent
    Mayo 2020
    Ozu kitesurfing school is clearly the leading school in Tarifa 🤩 friendly, professional and helpful instructors, and the management led by manager and owner Juan has created a great environment for safe and efficient progression in kitesurfing.
    The facilities are top notch with the equipment…
    Si has llegado hasta aquí…

    estas a un paso de convertirte en el kitesurfista o Wingfoiler que imaginas

    Si aun tienes algunas dudas, puedes consultar nuestro apartado de preguntas frecuentes o directamente llamarnos y estaremos a tu disposición para aclararte cualquier duda.

    We answer your questions about wingfoil courses

    equipo ozu
    What security measures does the school have?

    The most important thing to take into account is the experience and qualifications of the instructors.

    Our kitesurfing school renews its material every year and is state-of-the-art, and the rescue boats are attentive to our students who are marked with bright lycra.

    In addition, we have civil liability and accident insurance.

    What do I have to bring to the course?

    It is advisable for the student to bring a swimsuit, sunscreen, water and sunglasses.

    We will provide you with the rest: kite, board, neoprene, vest, harness and helmet.

    What happens if I cannot take my course due to weather conditions?

    If the wind is not suitable for the course, we will refund the money equivalent to the hours remaining to be taken without any problems.

    It is not usually common but if it happens you can rest assured that the money will be returned

    How can I reserve a course?

    At Ozu School we put several options on the table:

    • Through the web forms.
    • Calling us directly on our cell phone and talking to us.
    • via WhatsApp
    • In the Ozu Tarifa physical store
    How do you learn to wingfoil?

    We explain it to you in a simple way:
    The process is usually divided into three days. Every day you will learn new concepts and put into practice the concepts already learned.

    Once you have completed the three days of the course, you will be able to do your first pitches but you will not be independent.



    On this day we will start with a brief theoretical part. Next, we will learn how to assemble the wing and control it in the sand. We will end up sailing on a large volume Paddle.

    You will learn how to ride the foil and we will put into practice what we learned in the first class on a specific board for Wingfoil. We will have the first sensations with the foil.

    We will help you perfect your foil technique, set courses and try your first transitions.

    Do I need previous experience to rent equipment?

    Yeah! We ask for experience in wind sports for the beginner rental and, in addition to that, experience in foils for renting the complete Wing + Foil package. If you don’t meet that, go through our courses! You will make your life much easier!

    Is wingfoil dangerous?

    The danger is minimal with a fairly large foil, not very fast and not very sharp. Safety comes from the choice of material: a board with good buoyancy), practiced close to the shore, on a calm sea, with a weak side wind of 15 to 20 knots, allows you to reach the shore on dry land quickly in case drift, while the land wind tends to push you towards the open sea.

    The level of danger is determined by your choice of material and conditions.

    • The gear: the larger and slower the foils are, the less sharp they will be and therefore will not be dangerous. On the other hand, with high aspect foils the edge surface tends to be reduced as much as possible to minimize friction in the water and maximize speed. Therefore, with those foils you must be very careful not to hit yourself or to be well protected so as not to suffer cuts or injuries.
    • The conditions: if you have any problems on a day with a weak side wind of 15 to 20 knots, it will be much easier for you to reach the shore in case of drift, while the onshore wind tends to push you towards the open sea.
    Does the school have an assistance boat or any means of rescue?

    Yeah. All official kitesurfing schools in Tarifa have a rescue boat service to assist our students at all times: loss of board, difficulty returning to shore, any damage caused to the equipment.

    These companies only provide service in authorized areas (exclusive teaching areas for official schools)

    What requirements must a kitesurf school meet?

    It must be approved by the Spanish sailing federation (Andalusian sailing federation), registered with social security, it must also have accident and civil liability insurance and be registered as an active tourism company.

    Tariff kitesurf schools are required to have a contract with the rescue company and license from Tariff town hall.