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Webcam Rio Jara Spot

This is what the spot where we teach kitesurfing and wingfoil classes looks like right now!

Right in front of our meeting point is Playa de los Lances: An extensive white sand beach perfect for kitesurfing. Specifically, the Rio Jara spot is where we teach all our courses.

Rio jara kitesurf spot:

Its name comes from The jara river which runs from the mountains of Tarifa until it flows into the sea, passing right next to Ozu School.

Access to this spot is not the easiest since it does not have public parking which makes it much less accessible to everyone.
Luckily for us, at Ozu School we have private access through the Rio Jara campsite. This is a great advantage since, unlike other spots such as Carriles or Valdevaqueros that have large parking lots and attract large crowds of kitesurfers and swimmers, the Rio Jara spot has plenty of space to practice safely without having to be aware of third parties.

Wind forecasts:

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