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What makes us different from others

After more than 22 years teaching courses and working with our clients, we have experienced numerous satisfactions when witnessing the excitement of those who have just experienced kitesurfing for the first time. span>

After so many courses, the same positive aspects are constantly repeated that guarantee each client’s satisfaction with the experience. It is not us who affirm it, but our former students, who have already gone through the school and have expressed their evaluations sincerely.

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Meeting point

One of the most valued aspects of Ozu School is the meeting place.

Located in the garden of Ozu Tarifa Proshop itself.” This area is perfect for moments of relaxation before and after the course, and for companions, where they can have a Beach Bar, Wifi, sun loungers and Private Parking.

  • Secure parking for your car

  • Beach Bar with WiFi access

  • Hot water showers

  • Chill out area with sun loungers

Beach access

Don’t expect a long walk to the beach carrying kitesurfing equipment.

At Ozu School we have buggies that will comfortably take us and the material to the class location.

And the return is even better! When you are tired of the course and what you want is to go to the garden to take a hot shower and have a bite to eat at the Bar.

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Close and professional treatment

Good vibes between instructor and student are essential for the kitesurfing class to flow well and for the student to get the most out of it.

That is why we focus on creating a comfortable and fun environment but maintaining professionalism at all times to guarantee the most important thing: the safety of the student.

In addition, we are very precise when choosing the days of the course. We will not teach the class unless the conditions are sufficient for it, unlike other schools.

Quality before quantity!