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Hello! In this article, we will comment, guided by the more than 15 years of experience of professional kitesurfer Sam Light, which are the best places the planet offers to practice this sport. From the unique landscapes of Mauritius to the pristine beaches of Brazil, we will explore the top kitesurfing destinations that promise a top-quality trip experience. So fasten your harness, because the wind is calling and let’s discover together the best places our planet offers us for kitesurfing. 🤙

5. Dakhla, Morroco

A Kitesurfing Oasis in the Desert!
In position number 5, we have Dakhla, located in the south of Morocco. This place offers a unique combination of consistent winds and extensive flat water lagoons. Although it is also known for offering high quality waves with moderate winds. With hotels popping up in the middle of nowhere, Dakhla is a paradise for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle and immerse themselves in the beauty of the desert while enjoying world-class kitesurfing conditions. The best times are Spring and Autumn where you can enjoy constant winds and pleasant temperatures.

4. Maurtius

The Jewel of the Indian Ocean for Kitesurfing
Fourthly, we head to the exquisite island of Mauritius. This tropical paradise not only offers crystal clear waters and dream beaches, but also consistent winds ideal for freestyle, learning and foiling. But above all, Mauritius is known for its perfect point breaks, such as the iconic One Eye wave break. Mauritius is the perfect place for those looking for challenges and beauty in a single destination.

3. Cape Town, South Africa

Where the Waves and the Wind Dance in Harmony
In third place, we are in Cape Town, South Africa. This destination has become incredibly popular, and it’s not hard to understand why. With big waves, dense, cold winds, and the famous King Of The Air event, Cape Town is a paradise for kitesurfers looking to challenge the limits and enjoy the spectacular nature of the ocean. It is also a destination for everyone, not just for kitesurfers, since it offers many activities to do and the wind always comes in after 2 in the afternoon. You can enjoy the mornings doing activities or resting and leave the afternoon to fly in the cold and wild waters of South Africa.

2. Tarifa, Spain

The European Capital of Wind
Moving up to second place, we head to vibrant Tarifa, on the southern coast of Spain. Known as the European wind capital, Tarifa offers exceptional conditions for kitesurfing all year round. Its miles of beaches and constant winds make this place a kitesurfer’s dream, whether an excited newbie or a seasoned pro. In addition, Tarifa is a place rich in activities for those who do not practice kitesurfing, so it is an ideal destination for do with your partner or family.

1. Brazil

The Undisputed King of Kitesurfing
And finally, in the number one spot, we have the undisputed king of kitesurfing: Brazil. From September to December, Brazil becomes the ultimate paradise for kitesurf lovers. With endless beaches, flat water lagoons and impressive waves, this South American country offers everything a kitesurfer could want. It’s the only place where you don’t need to check the forecast, just get going and enjoy!
To sum up
At our kitesurfing school, we recognize the importance of choosing the right place to live the experience of your dreams. Whether you’re looking to challenge your skills, relax in calm waters, or simply enjoy the natural beauty, these five kitesurfing destinations are the perfect choice. So pack your gear, get ready for adventure and come discover the exciting world of kitesurfing with us!


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